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After your campaign has run, you want to see how effective it was, right? ServiceMonster has built in reporting to allow you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns to see what is working and what needs some more fine tuning. Let’s review some of these options:


The Marketing Dashboard summarizes some important numbers from across ServiceMonster. To access the dashboard, click on the Marketing Dashboard tab.

DIY - Dashboard

The dashboard shows two lists and four charts.

Undefined Lead Sources

Shows customers and invoices that don’t have a Lead Source associated. Click on the red number to go to a list to add lead sources.

DIY - Undefined

Top Campaigns

This list shows the top five campaigns with the corresponding number of invoices and gross revenue.

DIY - Top Campaigns

Top Lead Sources

These two graphs show the Account and Invoice lead sources for the the last 30 days. Hover your mouse over one of the columns to see the name of the campaign.

DIY - Lead Source

New Customers & Monthly Order Totals

These graphs show new customers and orders by month for the last 14 months.

DIY - New Customers

Campaign Results

Another way to measure the effectiveness of a campaign is to look at the Campaign Results. These results can be found by opening a Marketing Campaign and clicking on the Detail tab.

DIY - Results

    • Target Count – Shows the number of accounts included in campaign.
    • Responses – Displays number of accounts that have the campaign lead source selected. Percentage is Responses divided by Target Count.
    • Conversions – Number of orders that have been created from Responses. Percentage is Conversions divided by Responses.
    • Revenue – Total revenue generated from campaign.
    • Cost – The cost associated with running the campaign.
    • ROI – Calculated by dividing (Revenue – Cost) / Cost.


For even more detail of your marketing effort, click on the Reports tab. There are 9 specific reports to marketing. A couple of the highlights include:

    • Accounts by Lead Source – Filter by date range to show list of lead sources as either summary or with details.
    • Invoice by Lead Source – Shows breakdown by date range of number and percentage of invoices by lead source.
    • Campaign Results – Displays responses, conversions, conversion % and revenue for each campaign by date range.

Marketing - Reports

Next Steps

Congratulations! You have successfully created and run your first DIY Marketing campaign. Have more questions? Click on the How Can We Help? link at the bottom right corner of the screen to chat with a Support Rep.

Also, if you would like to learn more about our automated marketing program, FillMySchedule, click here.