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There are five different types of campaigns that you can create in ServiceMonster.

    1. Emails
    2. Letters
    3. Labels
    4. Call List
    5. Export

Each wizard walks through the same process to create a campaign, just with a different end result. For this example, let’s create an Email Campaign.

  1. On the Marketing Navigator, click on the Send Emails button.

DIY - Email Campaign

  1. The first step in the Wizard is to choose the filter mode. There are three filter modes to choose from:
    • Easy – provides 11 basic filter groups to come up with a list of accounts. Recommended for first time users.
    • Standard – gives more options to create custom filtered list.
    • Advanced – starts campaign from scratch and all filters are added manually.
  1. For this example, let’s choose the Easy filter mode.

DIY - Easy

  1. The next step is to choose the Account Filter from the list of options. The DIY - Question Mark displays a brief description of the filter. Click on All Residential Customers and click Next.

DIY - Account Filter

  1. Next, the Account List screen will show the Accounts that have been filtered based on the chosen criteria. The top of the screen will show a breakdown based on Accounts Found and Accounts Filtered. Click either option to toggle the list.

DIY - Accounts Found 2

  1. The next step is to enter the Campaign Info. Change the name to be specific for this campaign, for example Spring Newsletter.

DIY - Campaign Info

  1. Click Next and you will have the option to Save Campaign by clicking Finish.


button (2) Now that your campaign is created, we will look at customizing your filters. button (2)