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Once you have developed your content, you need to create a Material.

  1. Go to the Marketing tab and click on Materials.

DIY - Materials

  1. In the Marketing Document List, click on one of the following buttons:
    • New Document – use for emails or letters.
    • New Word Document – upload content from Microsoft Word to use for a letter campaign only. Not editable.

DIY - New Document

  1. Once you have created a new document, enter a Name and Description for easy reference.
  2. The bottom part of the page is a content editor that includes some of the following features:
What is it? What does it do?
DIY - Image  Image / Hyperlink Manager Use to add photos and links
DIY - Font 2  Font Settings Customize the look and feel of the fonts
DIY - Data Tags  Data Tags Add fields that will populate from account information when the campaign is run
DIY - HTML  HTML Editor Code using HTML


DIY - HTML Editor

  1. After you have made changes, click the Save button.
  2. To preview your work, click the Preview button and a .pdf will be generated.


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