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The basis for email and letter campaigns is content. Composing content that is engaging to your customers will help to draw them in and respond to your message. Also, incorporating Data Tags can add that personal touch. Spend some time determining what you would like to include for your content. Some ideas for email content would include:

    • Thank you to customers with recently completed jobs
    • Monthly Newsletters
    • Seasonal specials

Also, think through some of the elements that need to be included. For example, an email could contain:

    • Call to Action [CTA]
      • Examples include “Call Now”, “Click Here”, “Book Today”
    • Company logo
    • Links to website
    • Links to social media sites
    • Links to review sites
      • Yelp
      • Angie’s List
    • Contact information

Data Tags

Another item to consider including is customer information. Using Data Tags, you are able to add fields to the body of your email or letter that are custom for each person it is sent to. For example, instead of writing “Dear Customer,” you are able to add a Data Tag for the Account: First Name that would fill in the customer’s name as “Dear Joe.” Other examples of Data Tags include:

    • Address fields
    • Last Invoice Date & Amount
    • Next Job Date & Time
    • Balance Due
    • Custom Fields

Think about where you can add Data Tags to make your content personal to the recipient.


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