An opportunity is an easy way for users to move leads and potential work as they progress through the sales funnel.

There are four ways to create opportunities:

  1. In the Opportunity List. Leads > Opportunities > + New Opportunity.
  2. When accepting a lead.
  3. In an existing customer account. Accounts > Account > Opportunities > New Opportunity.
  4. Via Quick-Add: enter in the account details > click Call or Note at the lower-left corner > select the Opportunity button.

Updating Opportunities

  • Click+Drag the opportunity card on the Kanban board.
  • Click on the opportunity (card) and make edits on the opportunity screen.

A Breakdown of the Opportunity Screen


An additional place to categorize your opportunities – similar to the account type. This field does not map anywhere and is merely an arbitrary label.


This field cannot be edited and updates as you change the status using the open, won, abandon, and lost buttons.

Open – the opportunity is currently being worked on.

Won – the opportunity has completed the sales process and is now a work order.

Abandon – the opportunity was unresponsive or didn’t pan out.

Lost – similar to declining an lead, you may lose an opportunity for a variety of reasons.


This is where the opportunity is at in the sales process. Possible stages are: open, initial contact, qualified, estimate, and negotiation. You can use this section to update the opportunity’s stage.

Open – the opportunity was ‘accepted’, but has not been discussed.

Initial Contact – you’ve made contact with the opportunity, but have not been able to discuss the scope of work with them yet.

Qualified – their request is viable and this may turn into a paying job.

Estimate – taking the time to go visit the job site to scope out the work or even simply drafting up an order for them that outlines pricing; the estimate is presented to the opportunity during this stage.

Negotiation – various aspects of the job are discussed and ironed out. Once this stage is complete, the status needs to be changed from open to won or lost.


Choose between high or low. When the priority is marked as high, a red exclamation point appears on the opportunity card on the Kanban board or in the opportunity list.

High Priority

The number in this field must be entered in manually. It displays on the opportunity card on the Kanban board or the opportunity list.

What’s New

A place for users to add activities into an opportunity’s account (note, call, or task).


This is the stage header. You can update the opportunity’s stage here. Think of it as a progress bar.

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