How to Setup Job Reminders in SM6

How to Setup Job Reminders in SM6

Create SMS and/or Email Templates

  1. Go to Settings > TemplatesBusiness Templates are for email reminders/confirmations. SMS Templates are for text message reminders/confirmations.
  2. Business and SMS templates follow the same formatting (however, keep your SMS templates concise!).
    Here are some resources for you to use while setting these up:
    What are some examples of email templates:
    What data tags are used in email templates:
    *Note – if you are using templates in an outside program, you’re welcome to copy+paste them into ServiceMonster; just be sure to add data tags and preview them before sending them out.’
  3. Create as many reminders as you’d like depending upon the verbiage and number of reminders you’re sending out.

Create Job Reminders

  1. Go to Settings Job Reminders.
  2. Click +New Notification Setting.
  3. Name the notification. If this a reminder that you’d like to have go out three days before a job, name it as such.
  4. Set the notification type (email or text) and the number of days or hours before or after specific time or the job time.
  5. Select if you want to send it to allresidential, or commercial customers.
  6. Select your email or SMS template.

  5. Save.

Setup Notification Preferences

  1. In the job reminders section of your company settings, click Preferences.
  2. Select whether or not you want ServiceMonster to generate reminders automatically for you.
  3. Save.

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