How to Setup a Drip Campaign

Setting up a drip campaign in SM6

Example: 6M Reminder for people with AND without emails

  1. Name your campaign.
  2. Click settings to open the Custom View Builder and adjust your first set of filters. These filters must apply to ALL legs of the campaign.

3. Click and drag two campaign blocks from the right and place them below the ‘all active’ block. Offset them to where the layout is similar to a flowchart.

4. Click on one of the campaign blocks and open the settings.

5. Enter in a campaign name.

6. Add in your campaign-specific filters by clicking AND.

The image above shows the campaign filters for the email leg of this sample campaign.

The image above shows the campaign filters for the call leg of this sample campaign, excluding the contact by this campaign filter -- which is to be set to NotWithin 7 Months.

7. From the left, open up the frequency settings to adjust how often the campaign runs.

Select a start date and time (end date is not required); specify whether this campaign will run daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

8. Drag and drop one email block and one call block from the right; place them below the corresponding campaign blocks following the flowchart layout.

9. Within each output block, adjust the settings. These will differ between campaign types.

10. Once complete, Save your campaign.

  Only enable the campaign once you’ve finalized all of the campaign details.

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