How to Create a Recurring Job

Create recurring jobs for work that you do on a regular basis. Use contracts for the recurring billing component of these jobs.

Creating a Recurring Job

  1. Navigate to Scheduling.
  2. Click Recurring Jobs. Select + New Recurring Job.
  3. Name the recurrence. This is what the recurring job is, not who it is for. For example, monthly cleaning.
  4. Click the magnifying glass in the Account field to select the appropriate account for this recurrence.
  5. Choose a start time. Adjust the duration, if needed.
  6. Change the route and assign the proper tech(s).
  7. Either select or create a new contract.
    Click Contract to create a new one.
  8. Select how many reminders you’d like to have generate on the schedule.
  9. Change the start date to the week of the first job. Uncheck the Run Forever and enter in an end date if the job isn’t recurring indefinitely.
  10. Edit the frequency of the recurrence.
  11. Update your line items and pricing information – your order details.
  12. Enter in order and/or job notes.
    Reminder – order notes print out on the order form for the customer to see; job notes are internal and are viewable on the job screen.
  13. Click Save.

Want to create a recurrence out of an existing order? Open up the order and click Recurring Job in the top toolbar. Use the instructions above as a guide for what to edit.

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