Drip Campaign Filters – General Tips


Active – EqualTo – TRUE

AccountType – EqualTo – Customer

Commercial – EqualTo –

False (residential only)

True (commercial only)

Omit if you want to include residential AND commercial

Do Not Contact

(by mail, email, phone)**

EqualTo – False

Use the proper DNC type depending on the campaign output

Phone/Email/Address** – NotBlank

Email – not blank //

Phone1 – not blank OR Phone2 – not blank OR Phone3 – not blank //

Address Line 1 – not blank


City – not blank


State – not blank


Zip – not blank

**Note – you may need to add these two filters into the CAMPAIGN section if using multiple types of outputs (a call campaign and an email campaign under the same drip campaign).




Campaign Run Frequency

Thank You EqualTo 2 days Daily
2 Week Follow-Up EqualTo 14 days Daily
3M Reminder Between 2-3 Months Monthly
6M Reminder Between 6-7 Months Monthly
9M Reminder Between 9-10 Months Monthly
12M Reminder Between 12-13 Months Monthly
18M Reminder Between 18-19 Months Monthly
24M Reminder Between 24-25 Months Monthly
26M Reminder Between 36-37 Months Monthly

Additional CAMPAIGN Filters


Use this to make sure people aren’t receiving the same email multiples.

For example, for a TY email, the customer will receive an email 2 days after their last invoice.

  • To make sure they don’t receive the email again using this filter, do the following:
    • Contact:by this campaign – NotWithin – 7 days

This will ensure they do not receive another TY email in a week’s span.


This goes off of your item (products/services) groups.

You can use this instead of the LastInvoiceDate filter.

Use this filter to:
  • Inform customers of the other services you do
  • Reach out to customers who haven’t done a specific service with you in X amount of time
    • SERVICE:LAST XXXXXXX – NotWithin – 12 Months

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