Release Notes v6.4.1 | September 4, 2019

New features, enhancements, and changes included in ServiceMonster for the 6.4.1 release.

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ID   Title
5907   Show WebAPI version in Footer
5903   Schedule 2.0 | Schedule isn’t showing any jobs created for a past date/time.
5902   Inventory | Error Saving PO via reorder button
5893   Schedule 2.0 | Highlight Current Day in Yellow and Change Selected Day Color
5889   Orders | Error when clicking the Edit button for custom views in the dropdown in Pre-Completed.
5887   Marketing Templates | Send Test Email button is present in New Word Document UI
5886   SMS Templates | Data Tags are not available until after a new template is saved.
5885   Rework getUser requests in the app to use the principal instead of the user name
5882   Add “isHidden” boolean to Map
5872   Schedule 2.0 | Weirdness dragging jobs/activities out of conflict box.
5870   Marketing | Add Lead Source Button to Marketing Section
5868   When drilldown navigating through app, keep root section highlighted in Left Nav Bar (should match root breadcrumb)
5867   Inventory | Wording on PO delete confirmation is generic and possibly confusing to the user.
5855   Inventory | Dirty flag when receiving PO
5809   Inventory | In Create Inventory Item UI, move Initial Quantity field between Item Code and Min Quantity.
5801   SM6 | Schedule 2.0 | Schedule Settings | Display | First Day of Week not working
5511   Orders Details | A long list of techs assigned to a job cause the tech list to overflow the Order Details panel.
5360   SM5 and SM6 | Orders | New Data Tag | Combine Address 1 and Address 2 into single line data tag for both Billing and Site
4226   SM6 | Opportunities | Kanban Board | Add Due Date to the box
944   Nav.js currentSection needs fix to work with different roles with ViewCatalog