The Seal | About the Integration

What is The Seal?

The Seal is a reputation management company that also focuses on consumer security by screening your employees and verifying their identity before doing work in your customers’ homes and businesses.

What will you get out of the integration?

Employee verification or “The Seal of Security & Confidence” at its highest level. The Seal acts as a 3rd-party verification that verifies that your employees passed a background check and are who they say they are. This includes things such as motor vehicle records, drug screening, criminal background checks and more. This will then be branded on  your communication with your clients prior to work being completed. For example, if Joe is your technician and his background check has passed, then there will be an ID Badge with a QR code that leads the end consumer to proof of the background check.

The Seal also handles reputation management by building your online reputation and maintaining high reviews. Automated confirmations are sent via email which will include business license and insurance information, photos and bio information. After work is completed and jobs are closed out, automated review requests are sent out.

Why is this valuable?

The primary boost to your company is the ability for you to prove to your customers that you and your team are trustworthy to be in their homes. As a service provider, you have a very intimate relationship with your clients as you are invited into their homes to provide your services. This badge can help set you apart from competitors, protect you from false accusations/reviews, as well as let your clients feel at ease in an increasingly paranoid world.

How is the setup handled?

The setup for TheSeal is almost entirely done via TheSeal’s team, so contact them first to get an account set up.

TheSeal will walk you through step by step instructions for the integration setup which are linked here:

How to reach TheSeal, LLC to get started


Phone: 800-410-SEAL (7325)