Technician Notes for Route Packets

First, you would want to create those permanent notes for a site address.  See the steps below:

  1. While in the customer’s account screen, click on the Sites tab
  2. Click on the correct site
  3. Click on the Notes tab
  4. Click on the New Activity button
  5. Leave it set as a Note
  6. Change Type to Tech
  7. Type in a subject line
  8. Type your important notes in the body
  9. Save
  10. See image below with the items circled that are mentioned above:

Second, in order for them to see those important notes on a route packet, you will need to have the “Tech Report” option enabled.  You have that enabled for Residential, but will also need to enable that for Commercial.  Below is an example with import sections highlight of the route packet:

Third, to see those important notes, they will need to review the page that has the Technician Notes displayed.  See below: