Stripe Payment Processing


1. Go to Marketplace (Navigator) > ServiceMonster Payments.

  • Click on the subtab Configuration
  • Click on Setup Your Payments Account
  • In the pop-up, set up your new Stripe account
  • Once you’re set up, you won’t have to do it again and it will automatically be integrated to ServiceMonster 6

2. Easy way to process credit cards with Stripe.

  • Go to a work order
  • Select New Payment at the top
  • Fill out necessary card information
  • Select Run Credit Card
  • Plug in the necessary information
  • Click Run Charge
  • Process Charge? > YES

3. Viewing Stripe payments in ServiceMonster 6.

  • From the same work order page, click on the subtab Payments
  • Or select Orders (Navigator), click Payments, click $Dashboard at top
  • $Dashboard is only available for users integrated with Stripe