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Get the ServiceMonster Technician App!


The Technician App
1. Log in with credentials on any mobile device. 2. The Home Page:
  • The current date (to change, click on the date itself and choose any day from the calendar)
  • GPS tracking switch (turn on or off)
  • View Average Job Total for the day (dollar amount)
  • View a list of how many jobs and tasks you have for the day, as well as how many are completed
  • Upsales tracker and percentages
  • Specific job details (click on them to view more information)
3. The Job Page:
  • Check-in/out button
  • Name of customer
  • Time of job
  • Customer’s address and contact information
  • E-mail (envelope icon), call (phone icon), or text (thought bubble icon) the customer
  • Take pictures for records (camera icon), collect customer signature and payment (pencil and dollar sign icon)
  • The Google map directions to customer location
  • Add notes to and view notes on customer account
  • View and edit customer’s order (click on it)
4. The Order Page:
  • View customer name, information, order number, total dollar amount for order, scheduled date, balance due
  • Add/edit line items and service items
  • Create an upsale item
  • Add or edit notes
  • Complete the order button
5. Complete Job Page: (essential steps to closing an order)
  • Apply a payment button (cash, credit card, check, etc…)
  • More photos for records
  • Collect customer signature button
  • Convert the order to invoice button
After the job is completed, remember to check out! TO VIEW GPS TRACKING IN SERVICEMONSTER 6: 6. Go to SCHEDULING > SCHEDULE > MAP VIEW
  • View your technician’s whereabouts (flags)
TO VIEW TECHNICIAN’S TIME LOGS: 7. View any order the technician completed 8. Go to Job History tab > click on job > Time Logs
 Please note that due to recent technology changes to Google, the GPS feature is disabled for all IOS phones.