Merging Accounts

Some of the most common reasons for Merging accounts:

  1. A duplicate was accidentally created because either you were unable to find the original account or the previously unknown spouse called in to book something
  2. A hotel or apartment complex has now hired you to do work for them so you want to consolidate all those apartments or sites you had done work for into one account to easily track/manage

Now for easily finding Duplicates, you can go to Settings > then Duplicates right at the top next to company Info

  • This lists ALL duplicate accounts in your ServiceMonster 6 account
  • You can “Export” the list to another program if desired by clicking on the “Export” button (top middle)
  • The “Match Order” column lists how many items match in the duplicate account (Ex: name, address, email, etc.)
  • Search any Account Name in the search bar above to find specific duplicate information
  • From there, choose to merge or delete the account by clicking on the Account name

Now you can easily see/find duplicate accounts that you want to merge, once you have found some follow these steps for Merging Accounts:

  1. Go to the parent account by clicking on the Account Name from the duplicate screen
  2. Then click the Merge button which will be yellow and have a cog icon in it.

3. Then you will search and select the account you want to Merge into the current account you are on

4. It will then show a confirmation display of the account that you are merging, to make sure you are selecting the correct account to merge into.



5. Once you have merged them all the orders and address info will go into that current accounts site information

6. Click the Site tab to manage from there