Leads, Opportunities, & Kanban

Leads get converted into opportunities and then can be worked until converted into a client using our sales Kanban.

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Leads, Oppertunites & KanbanCreating Leads and Using Lead SheetsTurning Leads into OpportunitiesEditing Stages in the KanbanUsing the Kanban for your Rug Shop

Leads, Opportunities & Kanban


I. Go to Leads > Leads List

  • Search for any new leads and click on the Lead Number
  • In the pop-up, select Accept With Opportunity


II. In Leads > Opportunities (open Kanban View)

  • Open: any lead that’s been converted to opportunity goes here
  • Initial Contact: successful first contact with the potential customer (phone, e-mail, in person)
  • Qualified: Not a matter of IF but WHEN the job will close – any action from verifying contact info, discussing who are the decision-makers, what type of work wanted – building a report.
  • Estimate: the establishment of a cost and scope of work to be done
  • Negotiation: tying the loose ends

Creating Leads and Using Lead Sheets

Creating Leads in ServiceMonster 6:

  • Go to Leads > Leads List > +New Lead
  • OR new leads can come in via webforms or other! (See Creating and Using Webforms training video for more info)

Why use Lead Sheets in ServiceMonster 6?

  • Primarily for cohesion and organization in the sales process
  • Lead sheets keep the prospective customer’s information in one place and anyone with access to your SM6 account can access the info (Ex: Office staff, sales staff, estimators, etc.)
  • You can also create AND track all Activities for the account (see the tab on the left hand side) with the lead sheet

Info Inside a Lead Sheet:

  • Lead’s/Prospective customer’s personal information
  • Any estimates or orders created for the lead (just click on the order number to make edits to the order)

Activities within Lead Sheet:

  • Create estimates and work orders for lead
  • View lead source
  • Create and track all activities for the account
  • Decline, accept (with opportunity), and complete the lead

Turning Leads Into Opportunities

1. Go to Leads (Navigator) > Leads List

  • Click on a new lead from the list below
  • In the pop-up, select Accept With Opportunity (directs you to the Opportunities page)
  • Use these OPTIONAL sidecar (right hand side) options:
  • Account: assign this Opportunity to a specific account
  • Lead Source: assign a lead source
  • Owner: salesperson assigned to the Opportunity
  • Priority: how important is this Opportunity?
  • Due Date: when is this Opportunity due?
  • Close Date: when did this Opportunity close?
  • Value: how much is this Opportunity worth? (dollar amount)
  • Probability: what’s the probability this Opportunity will turn into work? (percentage)
  • Stage: how progressed in sales is this Opportunity? (see Kanban training video for more information)
  • Status: is this Opportunity Open, Won, Lost, or Abandoned?
  • Once you’re done in the sidecar, don’t forget to click SAVE
  • Add Notes under All Activities and Opportunity Only
  • Add Orders to this Opportunity by clicking the “+” button next to Orders
  • SAVE it

Editing Stages in the Kanban

Go to Leads > Opportunities > Kanban View.

  • Click on the Editing Stages button

What is the Select Group drop down menu?

  • Allows you to select a different group (Kanban board) or create a new one (click the blue “+” button)

Adding a New Stage, click on the New Stage+ button.

  • Give each one a name
  • Assign the appropriate group
  • Give it a probability
  • Add as many stages as you desire!
  • Don’t forget to SAVE