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Approving FillMySchedule (FMS) Orders

Approving FillMySchedule (FMS) Orders

1. Access to the FillMySchedule Approval Wizard is available from the home screen. Select the green Start Approval Wizard from the FMS Deck.

  • Review your existing FMS orders.
  • Uncheck any orders you DO NOT want to include in this particular order.
  • Under Accounts column, review Accounts associated with the order, card content (check for spelling or grammatical errors), or delete it completely with the red ‘x.’
  • When everything is to your satisfaction, click NEXT.
  • Once again, double check the order, review the disclaimer and type in your initials.
  • When you’re all done, click APPROVE ORDER.

Congratulations, you’ve approved your FillMySchedule order!

FillMySchedule (FMS) Status Definitions

If you had questions on the statuses of your FMS orders, search no more! Here’s a basic layout of the statuses you’ll see when they are in process at ServiceMonster

Pre-Approval Status: 

  • Pending: Your orders are ready to go and they are waiting for YOU to click the approve button.
  • On-Hold: You have decided to wait on the order for now but plan on approving it at some point.

Approved Status:

  • Approved: The customer has clicked and approved this order to be processed and printed.
  • Declined: Something happened when we were trying to process your credit card and you should be hearing from us shortly.

After Approval Status:

  • Printing: Your order is currently being printed.
  • Stuffing: Your cards are in the process of being put into their designated envelopes.
  • Count Checking: Quality control is currently being performed on your order. It is being counted and cards are opened to confirm the correct card is in the correct envelope.
  • Stamping: Your order is going through our stamping and sealing machine.
  • Final Inspection: After going through the stamping/sealing machine, there is another quality control step where the cards are checked for stamps and a sealed flap.
  • Shipped: Your cards are on the way to reaching your clients
Adding “Or Current Resident” to my mailings?

When you place “Or Current Resident” on the mailer, your mailing will get delivered to whoever is currently living at that address.

Why you shouldn’t add “Or Current Resident” on your cards

When you are asking someone to “buy” something from you, do you really want to use an “Or Current Resident” approach?  The lack of personalization makes everything else in the letter seem a little disingenuous.  Without it, if you send to a client and they moved the mailer will not be delivered. When mailing first class, don’t use “Or Current Resident.” This way, you’ll get bad addresses returned to you at no extra cost and you can clean up your database. This is a Win-Win.

When is it acceptable?

If sending a postcard or bulk mail, that isn’t custom to the client—go ahead and add it.  It’s recommended that you place “Or Current Resident” under the intended recipient’s name. Otherwise, the mail has a strong chance of not getting delivered.

Another scenario where it would be acceptable is if you are in a college town where you have a lot of turn over or your target audience is apartments. The turn over would simply make it difficult to get a good delivery rate in thos scenarios so you should add it to those mailers.

Handling Returned Mail Option 1: Mark as Do Not Mail

1. Go to Accounts > Choose the Account

2. Click the do not mail button next to the Billing Address

3. Press Save.

This will remove them from further mailings.

Handling Returned Mail Option 2: Update the account with the new address
[if new address was provided]

Updating An Address

1. Updating a customer’s address without deleting the old one.

  • Go to the account where you want to update the address
  • Click the sub-tab Sites
  • Click New Site
  • Give this new site a Name
  • Plug in the new address
  • Select the button (top) Set as Default
  • Click SAVE

This will retain all of the orders under the previous address History and new orders can have the new updated information.

Handling Returned Mail Option 3: Create a New account from the Site using the Copy Button

If you are no longer going to mail to the old client mark them as “do not mail” and create a new account altogether.

1. Go to Accounts > Choose the Account

2. Click on the Sites sub-tab.

3. Click Primary Site

4. Click the Copy site as New Account Button

5. Enter Current Resident to the First Name field (if unknown)

6. Click Save.

Other scenarios can come up– feel free to contact us if you have another one and will work through how to manage it.

FMS Insert Options

Inserts have an additional cost and are based on first class weight limits. We suggest choosing one of these options:

  • 1 Magnet
  • 3 business cards/referral cards
  • 1 post card

You will send in your cards to us and we will add them to whatever campaign you choose.

Adding a Signature to your Thank you

The best thing you can do is hand write your thank you notes and mail them. The second best is to at the very least have your actual signature on the Thank You that you send. We can print your signature and it looks just like you signed it– in house.

How To Send Us Your Signature

On a full sheet of paper:

  1. Use a sharpie or other felt tip pen.
  2. Sign with really large print on the whole sheet of paper (we will shrink it down).
  3. Include your Company ID in the bottom right corner of the page.
  4. Email a scan or photo to support@principalfocus.com or fax 866-507-9375.

Not signed up yet? go to http://old.servicemonster.net/help/fillmyschedule/ to learn more.