What is FillMySchedule?

FillMySchedule (FMS) is an automated Thank You and Reminder direct mail program designed to build your repeat client base.  It is only offered to ServiceMonster subscribers and can be managed within the software.  Our users enjoy the power and simplicity of knowing who they want to reach when they want to reach out to them, and what message they want to communicate.

Why FillMySchedule?

First, the average ROI is 800%.  Second, having a strong retention strategy helps you grow your business, increases your repeat percentage rate, help you maintain a long term relationship with your best customers, increases your profit margins with cross-sell services and your customers will thank you for reminding them!

About our Mailers

Our mailers are high quality, 4×6 tent fold cards, sent in a stamped envelope.  The cost is per card with no minimums or set up fees.  The message you want to deliver is customizable, personal, promotional, timely and more or we have a library of templates and card fronts to choose from.  We proudly print all of our mailers in-house at our ServiceMonster headquarters.

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Chem-Dry Branded Sign-up: http://www.servicemonster.net/help/fms/cd/

N-Hance Branded Sign-up: http://www.servicemonster.net/help/fms/nh/


click the Intro Video Instructions for text help and definitions. 

Exploring FillMySchedule

1. Notice the FillMySchedule (FMS) Deck on the home page of ServiceMonster 6: contains much of the info you’ll find in the FMS tab (Navigator) and more for your convenience.
2. Go to the FMS tab in the Navigator.

  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) chart = displays your company’s FMS performance rates over the course of 3 years (including the present year)
  • Inferred Tab = ServiceMonster 6 automatically infers a BOOKED job is FMS-sourced if booked around the time of an FMS campaign. You’ll find that info here.
    • *A note for Inferred: if you know that a job was NOT FMS-sourced, you can go into the account and manually change their lead source to something else.
  • Tracked Tab = the ACTUAL number of jobs booked with FMS.
  • Repeat Rate = the percentage of your base customers that have used your service more than once over the last 30 months (customers with less than 6 months are excluded)
  • Tracked/Inferred Results = same information as above Tracked/Inferred tabs
  • Average Invoice = average amount of your income from your customer base
  • Total Marketable Base = your total customer base of every active client that’s booked in the last 2 years (they must have the address information necessary for direct mailing)

ServiceMonster’s FillMySchedule program makes marketing a breeze! And now we’ve come out with updated card designs so that you can market to your customers even more effectively.

All of these cards will be delivered in the same way that wedding invitations or birth announcements would be–no bulk mailing. We’ll send them in envelopes addressed directly to your customers, with your return address listed and a first-class stamp.
Here are some examples below. We also run seasonal campaigns such as Spring and Christmas as one time runs. View the cards below or view them all here

Card Design Examples


Thank You Cards


Reminder Cards




Sign up for FMS here:  http://www.servicemonster.net/help/fms/

Sign up for Chem-Dry Branded FMS (not shown here) Sign-up: http://www.servicemonster.net/help/fms/cd/

Sign up for N-Hance Branded (not shown here) Sign-up: http://www.servicemonster.net/help/fms/nh/

Thank You and Here to Help cards for you to send to your commercial customers.


Sign up for spring mailers here: http://old.servicemonster.net/help/springfms/


Sign up here to have us set up a fall campaign.

Proven Return On Investment

The average Return on investment (ROI) for all of our clients (combined) using our popular 8 step program have the following ROI.  It works– if you just use it! It has preset messaging that is customizable but already proven to work. We reach your customers 8 times over a 2 year period. For every $1.00 spent you can expect an 800% return on your investment (on average). The entire program is based on getting your clients to come back and do work with you again (your repeat rate).

1st card, 1 Week, Thank You
Your clients mess is cleaned, and they are loving it. Their home is comfy and fresh, and they are appreciative to you! Then your card comes: a high-quality tent-fold, letting them know that you appreciate their business.
Average ROI: 350%

2nd card, 3 Month, Here to Help
The clients’ original mess might still be clean, but you also offer other services they might be interested in. Now’s your chance to educate your client about all that you can do for them.
Average ROI: 1,000%3rd card, 6 Month, Here to Help
The client needs their carpet cleaned again. They had such a good experience with you in the past, they won’t hesitate to call and schedule another appointment!
Average ROI: 650%
4th card, 9 Month, Just a Friendly Reminder
Life gets hectic. Remind them that they haven’t used your services for quite a while! Your persistence will likely pay off.
Average ROI: 1,200%
5th card, 12 month, It’s Been a While
It’s been a whole year since your last visit to your client, and that’s too long!
Average ROI: 1,400%

6th card, 15 Month, Service List Revisited
This is your opportunity to remind your clients of your full-service list. Maybe they forgot about all the ways that you can help them!
Average ROI: 900%

7th card, 18 Month, “Gross!”
Time flies by, and before your clients know it, their house is a mess again. Remind them of that fact, and how quickly you can turn it around!
Average ROI: 500%

8th card, 24 Month, (Final Pitch) We Miss You!
This will be the last attempt to connect with the client.
Average ROI: 400%


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Need More Info?

We do Marketing Consults….

What is a consultation?

  • We go over your account details
  • We discuss what marketing method you are using
  • We discuss the 8 step FMS program or other options suitable to your client needs
  • We talk about the types of cross-promotional services you can provide
  • Verify how your clients will reach you
  • We get a logo and signature from you to put into the cards.

At the end of the consult, you will have a full understanding of our automated program.
Keep in mind we have no minimum, no setup fees, and it’s all done for YOU!

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