Marketing 202

Creating and Using Drip Campaigns

Creating and Using Drip Campaigns

1. Go to Marketing (Navigator) > Drip Campaigns


  • Dark blue box = the WHO…this is where you filter out WHO you do or don’t want to receive this campaign
  • Green box = the WHEN…WHEN do you want this campaign to go out? Recurrences?
  • Light blue boxes = the WHAT… do you want this to be a call campaign? Mail merge? E-mail? Export?

2. Filter the dark blue WHO box by clicking on it and then selecting the gear icon.

**Please see our “What do the filters mean?” article for more information on campaign filters.

(In this example, I am building a campaign for active commercial customers ONLY.)

  • Account:Active — True
  • Click AND
  • Account:Account Type — EqualTo — Customer
  • Click AND
  • Account:Commercial — True (if I wanted Residential only, I’d switch True to False)
  • Click OK

3. Drag and drop the WHEN green campaign box underneath the dark blue WHO box.

(In this example, I am building a 6-month reminder campaign.)

  • In the pop-up, enter a campaign name
  • Click AND
  • Order:Last Invoice Date — Between — 6 — 7 — Months
  • (To guarantee your customers don’t receive a duplicate of this campaign)
  • Click AND
  • Contact:By This Campaign — NotWithin — 8 — Months
  • Select Recurrence from the side
  • Select a start date from the calendar
  • Set a time if desired from the calendar
  • Set your end date and time (optional)
  • Select your recurrence schedule: daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly
  • Click OK

4. Drap and drop 1 WHAT light blue box underneath the green WHEN box (your choice!).

(In this example, I am building an E-mail campaign.)

  • Click on the light blue box and click the gear icon
  • Make sure the reply email is correct so customers can reply to your campaign
  • Insert a subject line for your e-mail
  • Attach a pre-made template from your system
  • Leave the case As Is
  • If you want to send a test e-mail to yourself, type in the correct e-mail address
  • Click SAVE

5. Give a title to the campaign (top center) and SAVE it (green button)

6. Once you know everything is exactly as you want it, click the DISABLED button to switch it to ENABLED

7. Keep in mind, that it is typical for drip campaigns to have more than one “leg” in the campaign. (Add a 12 Month Reminder or Thank You campaign…you name it!)