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Quick Add

This is a tutorial on how to book a job from the time they call and get them on the schedule.

Getting Logged into your Account

The URL for ServiceMonster 6:

Enter your Company ID, Username, and Password

Quick Add (Call to Close)

Please be sure to view the New Quick Add overview as it includes the new scheduling options and explains how they function.

The Quick Add (Call to Close)

1. Select the QUICK ADD button (yellow lightning bolt, top right)

  • Input CUSTOMER INFORMATION (names, contact info, address, etc…)
  • For previous customers – select their name from POSSIBLE MATCHES (right-hand side)
  • For new customers – input new information in boxes provided (select COMMERCIAL or RESIDENTIAL)

**Please see our LEAD SOURCES video for more information on lead sources.

2. Select ORDER on the left-hand side of the pop-up.

  • To create a new work order, select NEW WORK ORDER
  • Input LINE ITEMS under ITEM column

3. Select JOB on the left-hand side of the pop-up.

  • Click WORK (or any of the Job Types listed)
  • Assign a route
  • Assign time and date
  • Assign duration
  • Assign a technician to the job
  • ALSO AVAILABLE – the ability to add the job to WAITLIST, leave notes for Techs or Admin, etc.
  • If you prefer, you can select your job’s date/time from the SUGGESTED TIMES list (right-hand side)
  • Select CONFIRMATION on the left-hand side of the pop-up.
  • Repeat/confirm your job information with the customer
  • Assign either an e-mail AND/OR text confirmation

5. To view the new job: go to SCHEDULING (in the Navigator, left-hand side)

  • You will see the new job on the calendar and under the SCHEDULED tab (dashboard, right-hand side)

Updating An Address

Updating An Address

1. Updating a customer’s address without deleting the old one.

  • Go to the account where you want to update the address
  • Click the sub-tab Sites
  • Click New Site
  • Give this new site a Name
  • Plug in the new address
  • Click SAVE
  • Select the button (top) Set as Default



**Keep in mind – all old sites are saved under the sub-tab Sites in the account. Simply select the old address and Set as Default to reinstate as the current site.


This is a tutorial on why you should be using lead sources

Leadsources: What and Why To Use Them

WHAT are lead sources?

WHY are they important?

Answers to these and more are inside this training video. Take a look! To see lead sources in action in ServiceMonster 6, stay tuned for Tracking Lead Sources (Part 2).

Updating & Adding Time Logs

How To Apply A Leadsource


1.To access QUICK ADD, click on the Quick Add button (top right, yellow lightening bolt).

  • Assign a CAMPAIGN or ACCOUNT to your customer’s account
  • Campaign = choose what marketing campaign (e-mail, phone, flyers, radio, tv commercial, etc…) brought the customer in
  • Account = who (account name) referred this new customer to your business?
  • Create a NEW lead source by selecting (+ NEW) button



  • > LEAD SOURCE (under Account Name)
  • Assign a CAMPAIGN or ACCOUNT to your customer’s account
  • Create a NEW lead source by selecting (+ NEW) button


3. Go to ORDERS (Navigator) or select WORK ORDER in the dashboard (right hand side).

  • > LEAD SOURCE (in dashboard, right hand side)
  • Assign a CAMPAIGN or ACCOUNT to your customer’s account
  • Create a NEW lead source by selecting (+ NEW) button


4. Go to REPORTS (Navigator) > MARKETING.

  • ACCOUNT REFERRALS (DETAILED) = details which Account converted and the Invoice they are associated with
  • Included: Invoice number, name of the Account that referred them, conversion totals, revenue from that Account
  • Change the date/time frame of ACCOUNT REFERRALS report by changing Start Date/End Date (right hand side)
  • ACCOUNTS BY LEAD SOURCE (DETAILED) = details what Accounts were acquired by what Campaign
  • Included: Campaign name, Account acquisition date, Company name (if applicable), total payment amount on the Invoice that the lead source is attached to
  • CAMPAIGN RESULTS = details performance of each Campaign
  • Included: Campaign name, type, Campaign responses, conversions, conversion percentages, total revenue from Campaign
  • INVOICES BY LEAD SOURCE (DETAILED) = details new and repeat customers
  • Included: Date the Order was invoiced, Invoice number, total amount, Account name, Account information, grand total of Invoice BEFORE tax

Adding Line Items

This is how to add multiple line items to an order

Bulk Add Items

Bulk add gives you the ability to select multiple products and services from a list and add them all at once to an order.

On the order, you will see a button labeled Bulk Add Items

When you select it will pop up a menu of products and services.

  1. Click the + next to the items you want to add to the order.
    Click the  next to any items you’d like to remove.
  2. Click Add Line Items to update the order.
    Click Reset to start over in Bulk Add Items.